Film making as a training resource


We recommend that our clients utilise what we capture at the workshop and commission a bespoke film that represents the culture of your organisation. The strongest 'fictitious' story can be used as the basis for a short film, or we film the participants engaged in the task of developing  ABC Stories.  We edit and create the final version of the film and present it to key teams within the organisation.



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Your initial investment means that you have a film to use over and over again as an in-house health and safety resource that is specific to your culture, your organisation. This gives our work longevity and scaleability within your company and there is a useful added dimension to what your workforce bring on the day.



Some people contributed a lot of ideas, others didn't; how we showed up in this task was in itself a metaphor for our culture.  It's useful to be able to focus on this and make the changes at work.