Our team is headed up by dynamic CEO, Emma Currie who has spent 18 years in the business of reminding workforces that above all, they are human, and highlighting human error in industry using her preventative live theatre and workshop process.  The process is the foundation for the work we do and in simple terms, we protect the heartbeat of your workforce using drama as our resource.  We feel that once you use our methods you will enjoy empowering your workforce and breathe new life into your company's health and safety culture. 



We constantly travel from our base in Edinburgh, Scotland to provide our service in the UK and globally.  We can work as a small team running workshops at Health and Safety events OR, for larger requirements, we travel with a film crew to document our sessions and create valuable resource for YOUR industry.  Acting Up operate out of the USA, Australia and the Middle East and the uk.

Our message is always the same, whatever the scale of the work - we are passionate believers in empowering individual responsibility in health and safety.


Putting the humban into health and safety

Who we work with

We are proud to have worked with the following companies: